Saturday, December 02, 2006

peter sports bar (oeiras - porto de recreio)

name: peter sports bar
type place: "trendy" restaurant and bar
location: oeiras in the new porto recreio marina
µrice idea: less than 20
info: spectacular view to the lisbon "25 april" bridge and the sea. It is the biggest establishment in that area besides the rio's. The boss or maitre d'hotel made a big mistake making us feel real unwelcome when he came to tell us the table we were sitting was reserved. There was no sign or nobody told us when we were sitting down. Probably my angry face made him change his mind. We could stay at the table. The food was only so-so. My dish was good, i had 'polvo guisado' but my guests did not seem too happy. A mixed toast (from a separate menu; apparantly they have a different menu for outside and inside) was very dry but this was after they politely took it back to the kitchten after bringing it out the first time cause the guest just started there fishsoup that they chose as a first. Another of my guests received a small not so nice looking steak. A more pricy dish, but a very taste fish was the "goraz". I never heard of this fish before but it was a nice grilled fish. Very robalinho like. . Peter or the sports bar or sportbar or whatever the name is; has to get their act straight. They only opened a couple of weeks ago so let us give them some credit, we will keep you posted. But being friendly to guest and not telling them off is a first rule. Make them feel ok and then giving them good food would make this place a big succes cause it is very well located.
mmm: *

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