Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hua Li (carcavelos rebelva)

name: Hua Li
Type place: Chinese restaurant and take away
location: Rua da Santarem, 69A Rebelva Carcavelos
tel: 214570142
price idea: less than 15 €
info: . Good restaurant. I like asian food and therefor i am maybe a little too critical. But the springrolls (crepe chines) could be better... The hot and sour soup is pretty good and the familia feliz was very nice. They have a very inexpensive lunch menu (crepe and main for less than 5 euros) this restaurant does not have the sushi kita kita has (competition close by but it is nicer place to sit than the tika tika. I think i prefer this one but very close !
mmm: ***

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