Saturday, May 03, 2008

Herdade de esporao, reguengos (180 km from lisbon)

name: restaurante do herdade de esporao
type place: upmarket restaurant in a unique setting
Herdade de Esporao, Reguengos de Monseraz +/-180 km from lisbon !!!!
more info:
price idea: +50, yes expensive but worth it!
info: This restaurant is part of the vineyards of esporao one of the famous internationally known wines from portugal. Nice place for a day out. You can combine a visit to the caves and the museum and the historical tower with a lunch or dinner in the restaurant. The food is delicuous but some mistakes that are strange for such a quality stylish place. The different dishes for our table came with 5 minute intervals ... bad... and diferent dishes come with exactly the same garnish... 2 disturbing mistakes in a otherwise superb restaurant. The food is very good. I wish i could talk to the chef so he could work on the presentation... it would be a definately five star place. But forget about my bitching go there and enjoy the visit of the vineyard, the caves and the restaurant, you will love it. And the wines, my favourite is the single cast syrah but off course the reservas and private reservas are excelent !
mmm: ****

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