Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Brasa da belavista (sassoeiras)

name: A Brasa da belavista
type place: local portuguese restaurant and grill
location: rua Gonçalo Velho Cabral 90, Sassoeiras, 2775-709 Carcavelos
tel: 214564305
idea: less than 20
info: Good local restaurant. Closed on wednesdays
The restaurant is a big succes, sometimes you have to stand in line to get in. Reservation for bigger groups is a must. The restaurant started as a chicken grill i was told but is now famous for all his grilled dishes. There is a vast variety of dishes but sometimes they are out of my favourites. The whole restaurant has recently been refurbished and it looks a lot better than before. They also serve for take-away and this service seems pretty succesfull too. Try the grilled t-bone (costeleta de novilho) or the espetada saloia (large beef skewer enough for 2) or the ribs (entrecosta) also the fish is very fresh looks very good. Fish by the kilo can give you a pricier bill but if you like grilled fish go for it.
mmm: ****

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