Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sombrero (carcavelos-praia)

name: O Sombrero
type place: mexican restaurant
location: avenida marginal 23, carcavelos (entre os dois rotundas no marginal em carcavelos)
tel: 214577368
price idea: less than 30
info: Very good mexican food, nice decoration beautifull seaview great margeritas. What they can improve ? A better readable menu... small print almost invisible for me... The service is not so efficient but friendly. Then the portions... do not go there when you are hungry cause the quality is top but the portions are rather small... just one main dish will not be sufficient for most so look at the appetizers or deserts. But all together if you are craving for a little :) mexican food GO THERE it is good !

mmm: **

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