Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chiku (lisbon)

name: Chiku
type place: japanese restaurant all you can eat food on a belt
location: rua do loreto 21 close to praça camoes, between chiado and bairro alto lisboa
tel: 21 3425998 960009988
price idea: less than 10 € Fun Japanese all you can eat -the food passes you by on a roling carpet- restaurant very reasonalby priced , price quality very good... cheaper for lunch than for dinner but always a good deal.. good for a nice 'big' meal not for a romantic dinner it is a copy of the post for the japanese restaurant in cascais but they are very similar... only the hot items are warmer in cascais then in lisbon.
mmm: *

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Anonymous said...

Hey Eddy! Ben toch ook eens komen snuisteren op je blog.
Als we ooit in Lissabon verzeild raken, weet ik je wel te vinden...