Monday, March 31, 2008

Saisa (oeiras) praia st amaro

name: restaurante Saisa
type place: old style chique portuguese restaurant
location: avenida marginal, praia de santo amaro, Oeiras
tel: 214 430634
price idea: 30+
info: Good restaurant. Closed on mondays
Saisa is a restaurant going back for a lot of years, everything seems a little dated including the waiters. More negative things i cannot say. The food was good very classical but the santaola (crab) was soooo good. They have fresh grilled fish and some portuguese en spanish specialities. the view is very nice. It is a good restaurant to go for a business dinner, something with older family members but it is not stylish, trendy, in at all. But i think these places have to exist too. At least they seem always quite busy.
mmm: **

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