Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hokkaido, lisboa (estrela)

name: Hokkaido
type place: japanese restaurant. An all you can eat type place but read on it is special
location: rua saraiva de carvalho n° 184/4, 1250-242 lisboa tel: 21 3968127 open every day
price idea: less than 20 €
Very good sushi and teppan-yaki (food cooked on hot plate) self service restaurant in buffet form. The teppan-yaki is prepared in front of you. The sushi and sashimi arrives constantly. Also some fried vegetables, shrimp and chicken (tempura) A little cheaper for lunch than for dinner but always a good deal. We like it a lot and been there several times. This restaurant is better qualitiy than the food on a belt place that we visited and talked about before. Finding a parking space can be a little more difficult. Also take away if you want to eat sushi a little more private :). We have a preference for the Samurai restaurants were they serve at the table from a menu as many dishes as you can eat for about the same price. Then you always receive the hot dishes hot and the sushi and sashimi at the minute fresh.
Strange this restaurant does not show up in the yellow pages nor on the net.
mmm: ***

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andreflip said...

Try Tokio (Alcantara).