Sunday, July 06, 2008

Capricciosa (carcavelos)

name: Capricciosa
type place: italian restaurant
location: avenida marginal, carcavelos
price idea: 15+ info: Capricciosa is part of a chain of restaurants.
It really is a fun place. But the service is beyond standard. It seems that the full staf is brasileiro. Off course there is exceptions to the rule but normally they are poorly trained, underpaid and very disorganized and not focussed on the job. They are friendly but it gets on my nerves when they ask you twice or three times what you ordered, when they come with plates you did not order,... They come and look at the menu with you cause they do not really know what is on there. Sorry i am on a roll but this place got so much potencial. Prime ocean view, roomy restaurant with a fantastic outside dining area, nice lounge music and the food is not that cheap but very good. Owners, please train your staff ! We really want to go back cause of the view the location and the food.
mmm: **

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