Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gordinni (estoril)

name: Gordinni
place: part of the gordinni 'group' with three restaurants in cascais and estoril
location: Av. Marginal, 5579 S. João do Estoril2765-603 Estoril
Tel: 214664123
info: The restaurant announce itself as international food but looks like a very italian menu to me. We had to try it... the location is fantastic and it seems to have a full parking lot every time we pass. A rolls royce in the parking lot makes it clear the happy few gather here. It is a very nice place and with a italian cuisine with portuguese and brazilian influences they seem to have a pretty good menu with lots of pizza pasta and beef dishes. For the fish and shelfish lovers some dishes are provided as well. You are difficult if you can not find anything to you taste. It is not cheap but not overpriced eather. There is a price for this prime oceanvieuw location with a good size parking lot. We liked it but it is not the every day tasca more like an ocasion restaurant to go with friends or to celabrate something. It has got that more sofisticated feel to it.
price idea: min 20
info: mmm: ***

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