Sunday, August 24, 2008

Buffet house (carcavelos, junqueiro)

name: Buffet house
type place: asia restaurant.
An all you can eat type place in carcavelos trying to ride the sushi wave.
location: praceta do junqueiro, lote 1, 2775 Carcavelos, Junqueiro (perto do riviera hotel)
tel: 21 4572188
open every day price
idea: less than 10 €
Price quality good. Not the extensive choise you might find in other places but all you can eat lunch for 6.60 or dinner for 8.8 is not really expensive is it ?
It is actually a chinese restaurant that changed their activity. Probably too much competition from the other chinese restaurant close by made them creative and they are riding the sushi wave now. And they are doing well. The quality is better that i would have expected. Beside sushi they serve a couple of hot dishes that looked very chinese to me :) But for 6.6 + a drink per person we had a nice lunch.
mmm: *

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Anonymous said...

i was trying to find information about this restaurant, and i finally found it here :)