Sunday, February 08, 2009

O Delgadinho, Setubal

name: O delgadinho  rodizio de peixe 
location: Av Bento Jesus Caraça 136, 2910 Setubal
Tel: 91 6118908
Closed on monday !

info: A regular portuguese restaurant nothing fancy but what hits your plate is GOOD.  Fresh grilled fish keeps coming, if you like it you accept or wait for the next plate.  With this fresh fish you get boiled patatoes, salad and açorda.  The fishes they grill is the catch of the season.  This time we had Dourada, Lulas, carapau, salmon, besugo... if you want the names in english good luck try on the internet :) but it was all very fresh tasty and for a very reasonable price. 12.5 euro per person including wine and desert.  We liked it if you in the area try it !
mmm: ***

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