Sunday, February 22, 2009

XL, (Lisboa, Assembleia da Republica)

name: XL

type place: famous portuguese restaurant.

location: Calçada da Estrela 57 - Lisboa1200-661 LISBOA

tel: 213956118 open every day but only for dinner

price idea: less than 40 €

Went to this restaurant with high expectations. Supposed to be one of the better lisbon restaurants. And yes it is stylish nicely decorated with i do not know why an american feel to it and the food is good. Extensive not overpriced winelist but... yes there is a but the food is only good not really special... An extraordenary good cheese buttery sheep cheese (queijo de ovelha amanteigado) from the alentejo, really delicious. The starters we ordered arrive very quickly...waited longer for a mac donalds already :)

The tartaro de salmao (salmon tartare) was delicious, the foie gras ok the potato skins disappointing. Would like to give the chef a recepy that is a milion times better. The main dishes were ok, the sauce of the steak xl (bife xl) is good but served with thin fries (i hate them too greasy nothing better than traditional cut double fried fries) not a slice of tomato, leaf of salad or vegetable... for over 20 euros that is not ok. Deserts again were ok but not spectacular. Not a bad restaurant but i was disappointed... for the same money i prefer to go to bica do sapato.

mmm: **

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