Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bar das colunas, lisboa (middle between baixa and expo)

name: Bar das colunas

type place: very typical portuguese restaurant

location: R. Zófimo Pedroso1950 Lisboa

tel: 218 683 175

price idea: about 15 €

The restaurant is located between the center of lisbon and the expo area. Close enough to everything but outside of the busy centre with room to park the car.

The name bar das colunas might put you on the wrong leg, it is not a bar but a restaurant. Go here if you want a typical portuguese meal. After the always changing petiscos that they put on your table to tempt your tastebuts you have quite extensive choise of main dishes. Go for one of the daily specials or choose from the wide variety of meat or fish fresh from the grill. Or try the chicken. On thursday and sunday the serve the typical "cozido a portuguesa" a typical portuguese stew that you just have to try. We recommend a visit to the colunas. Very good quality for a very reasonable price. We tried this restaurant already several times but i forgot everytime to put it on the list and it is worth it !

mmm: ****

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