Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nagoya (Linda-a-velha)

name: nagoya
type place: japanese restaurant, an all you can eat type place
location R. 25 de Abril 16, 2795 Linda-a-velha
open every day
price idea: less than 20 € lunch buffet 10,90 € dinner all you can eat from menu served at the table 14,90
Who copied who, nagoya samurai or the other way around
same formula almost the same dishes 4 locations
We like samurai better cause the shrimps are bigger, the teppan yaki tastier, the tempura served more dramatic, the grilled chicken crispier and free fruit for desert and it will only cost you 2 euros more at samurai. This is not a bad restaurant chain, and we tried their place next to the casino in Parque das Naçoes (expo) and this one in Linda-a-velha but we prefer Samurai in Belem
The further locations of Nagoya are in Laranjeiras e Telheiras.
mmm: **

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