Friday, May 07, 2010

Santissimus (lisboa Santos)

name: santissimus
type place: mordern portuguese restaurant.
location: rua S. Joao da Mata 30, Lisboa (near Santos)
tel: 9143228161 closes on sunday and monday
price idea: about 25 €
New and refreshing...
Very nice cosy place. For a little more formal dinner with friends. They serve the portuguese dishes in a refined way. The appetizers were very good, we had the camenbert with honey (the honey was portuguese :) ) and the stuffed mushrooms both very nice and served with hot bread.
The mains we tried were the duck, the bacalhau com broa and the chicken with cured ham. Last two dishes were very very good. The duck was good but for my taste it did not find good harmony with the also very good tasting risotto and a couple of slices of orange... That risotto would be perfect with some grilled praws or lam cutlets... and the duck with some braised potatoes and panroasted veggies... but this is the chef in me... we had a very good meal we all went for the same dessert. We will go back to try the rest of the menu... We liked it, tell us when you go and try it too...
Very good price quality ! Nice and friendly service. Good food. GO GO GO...

mmm: ****

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