Sunday, February 28, 2010

Samurai (miraflores)

name: Samurai
type place: japanese restaurant. yep again a japanese but even better than the ones of the same chain we have been to so far
Rua Dr. António Loureiro Borges nº14 , 1495 – 131 Miraflores
a little hard to find the first time but worth the search... it looks like they have a very nice outside dining area.
open every day price idea: less than 20 € Difference between this chain (exist 6 restaurants spread over lisbon) and the other japanese all you can eat places is that the food is not on a buffet or passes by on a conveyer belt but it is served at the table. You get a menu (with pictures) of all the dishes you have an believe me you will find something you like or you are just plain difficult. From sushi and sashimi to springrolls, dim sum, salad, grilled meat and chicken to various teppan yakis (food cooked on hot plate) and tempura (fried vegetables, shrimp. The sushi an sashimi are fresly made and the hot dishes are served hot. A little cheaper for lunch than for dinner but always a good deal. We like it a lot and been here several times it is our favourite now, not as far as the ones in expo, and they chef presents the dishes better than in the other samurais. We prefer this restaurant over the food on a belt place (hong sha long) but also better than the buffet place (hokkaido) that we visited and talked about before. Off course bica do sapato sushi is better...
mmm: ****

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