Sunday, November 26, 2006

bica do sapato (lisboa estaçao santa apolonia)

name: Bica do sapato (cafeteria)
location: Avenida Infante dom Henrique Armazem B (close to santa apolonia station)
tel: 218 810 320
price idea: 30+ €
info: Excelent international restaurant. Is called cafeteria cause they have also a fine dining restaurant and a sushi bar in the same location. The cafeteria is a very elegant modern restaurant with a view on the river Tejo. Excelent service very nice young ambiance with style! The staff is very well trained and polite. Menus in several languages. This restaurant could be in any trendy city !!! But they do not forget they are in Portugal. For the narrowminded international travelers you have some no risk dishes but why not try the portuguese specialities served in a rather original way. The serve culinary versions of the national dishes.
Not cheap but worth every Euro. One of my favorites for those special ocasions !
We visit this restaurant several times per year, and they never let us down.
Note that there is three parts in this building, a sushi restaurant, the cafetaria (were we always go) that now features some sushi dishes (best sushi and sashimi i had in lisbon) and the restaurant a more formal part with more formal attitude and a slightly different menu (a little more expensive)

mmm: *****

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