Sunday, November 26, 2006

mal amanhado (lisboa- alegria)

name: mal amanhado
type place: local portuguese restaurant and grill
location: rua da alegria 54, lisboa (entre principe real e avenida de liberdade)
tel: 213433381
idea: less than 25 info: Good local restaurant.
Closed on sundays
We will have to visit this place again to make a better judgement. We were 14 visiting this place and that makes it somewhat difficult. But the service was very welcoming and pleasant. A bit slow but then again we were a party of 14. They have lots of appetisers portuguese style. Small plates with stuff. Sardines, cheese, chorizo, squid. Ok but nothing whoaow! the olive oil was the best... extra virgin olive oil tasting like almonds for dipping bread. They have varios fish and meat dishes. Little more refined than the regular portuguese restaurant. Let us visit this place again and we give a more acurate judgement. Cause right now i do not know how many stars to give.
mmm: *???

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Anonymous said...

in the meantime the restaurant closed