Saturday, November 18, 2006

kono pizza (carcavelos - quinta de sao gonçalo)

name: kono pizza
type place: fast-food restaurant
location: carcavelos, avenida de portugal 182
directions: in "quinta de sao gonçalo", close to "carcavelos praia"
price idea: less than 10 €
info: Pizza in a cone ! Little menus with a kone pizza and a salad or frites for about 6 euros ! Original tasty something you should try... i like the kono "bacon" and the "diabolo" best. Be carefull diabolo is quite spicy They also do pastas too and salads... and there fastfood "frites" are quite good. This is always a + for a belgian judge :) They also sell newspapers, bread and pastries. Not a dinner place but great place for a quick meal.
mmm: *** note: for fastfood an extreme note

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