Saturday, November 18, 2006

nordeste (aboboda)

name: nordeste
type place: local portuguese restaurant and grill
location: Abóboda, rua do Pinhal lote 4
tel: 214446100
price idea: less than 15 €
info: Good local restaurant. The place to go when you are in Aboboda or with a bigger group. Thr night we went there was a party of 16 people that were very noisy. It overpowered the whole meal. Add on top of that to many fumes of the grill entring in the dining room which is like a big room in the basement. It all looked a bit strange but it was packed and the food was more than acceptable. We might have to try again. They have various grilled meats and fishes. the ribs were good, the robalo was good, the mixed skewer was tasty.
mmm: **

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