Saturday, November 25, 2006

cataplana e companhia (lisboa - campo ourique)

name: cataplana e companhia
type place: portuguese restaurant and grill
location: Lisboa, Rua Fereira Borges, 193-A
tel: 213865269 price idea: less than 20 € info: Good restaurant. They have pride in the several cataplanas they are serving. A cataplana is a copper pan with copper lid that are used to cook tasty dishes. It can be with meat or fish. The most known ones are made with fish but apparantly the one with pork was the original one. What the heck it is what you like, no ?
The have good beef and meats to from the grill Nice welcoming restaurant. Service was good and there were cloth napkins ! If you are in this area check them out. The also have a big room in the basement. I do not like that place so if you make reservations ask to sit on the ground level.
mmm: ***

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