Saturday, November 18, 2006

catemba (carcavelos lombos sul)

name: catemba
type place: local portuguese restaurant and snack
location: estrada da torre lote 47A, lobos sul, carcavelos,
tel: 214579148
price idea: less than 15 €
info: Great bairro restaurant We go at least once a week. Cozida porguguesa on thursday the day of feira de carcavelos, a big market just about 400 m from the restaurant. They have a selection of pratos de dia and the regular menu. Best frites i had in Porgual. They also sell totoloto and euromilhoes. Great place for a meal ! Been there more than 20 times and never had a bad meal. Try there carcoletas assadas in the season, delicious. Or the costeletas de vitelo, the "saltembuq", beef with presunto in a sauce. It is all very good and no pretention at all ! A dream of a family owned local restaurant. Something that does not exist anymore in the belgian culture. A shame. The traditional crew of tree people are there to serve you every day of the week and saturday.
mmm: ****

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